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It had been after totally disregarded as a storyline part

It had been after totally disregarded as a storyline part

The guy shortly after claimed he might perhaps not reach steel; this reality did actually was basically disproven because of the his later on contact which have silver armor.

The very first time the guy greet himself in order to sound despair led to a burst out-of coughing, implying one Ghostbur’s sensitive mental county could have inspired your yourself

He had been considered effectively immortal, because it’s maybe not constantly you can in order to canonically destroy a ghost. Ghostbur are aware of that it, and used it once the a justification and also make somebody worry shorter in the your as he got into harsh issues. His loss of memory did not be seemingly a result of his dying.

Ghostbur been able to end up being theoretically assaulted of the an actual firearm, once the factors don’t phase compliment of him, nevertheless step won’t reach much. It was debatable if the guy knowledgeable Durham escort sites pain out-of physical injuries.


Ghostbur acted much like Wilbur pre-presidency, probably as a result of their spotty memory. The guy claimed to have forget about the majority of his lifestyle battles, attempting to find comfort again. Despite this, in his own words, lives was discomfort. He did actually have a problem with this new conclusion of the fact that you will find no afterlife having your, talking seem to in regards to the fraud regarding faith.

Even with their calmer state, the guy seemed to be extremely sad the underside their smile, trying not to work with strong psychological things as a whole. Their absolute goal would be to make everybody else happier. The guy reported which he did not select a spot to most superficial things, including wedding, and you may asserted that since there try no actual afterlife, there’d getting no reason in being anything but form. Consequently, he was much nicer than just he was really ahead of his dying, managing most of his old existence members of the family which have a tentative and you may optimistic brand new strategy. Ghostbur accustomed not require are renewed, since the who indicate his death, but immediately following Doomsday, the guy came to the conclusion that people would prefer they if Wilbur came back, and turned reluctantly interested in the notion of their 2nd passing.

Ghostbur was really tentative, performing their better to stay out of the way in which regarding high-scale conferences, dodging big and you can heavier subject areas, and you can to prevent any mentions of his previous. And if reminded regarding their records, the guy turned really awkward, nearly since if he had been sense a world psychological worry at the thought away from remembering. His thoughts wasn’t entirely gone – the guy attempted to record things he might recall inside the book, What i Think of. He detached themselves out of their living counterpart totally, asking to be named Ghostbur, and you will speaking about way of living Wilbur because the an excellent age “Alivebur”. Regardless of this, Ghostbur is actually calculated and come up with up to have Wilbur’s antagonism.

In the event he was alternatively melancholic, Ghostbur earnestly illustrated himself since the innocent otherwise clueless – this is not obvious whether it is consciously, otherwise unconsciously. In times out of trauma otherwise tension, Ghostbur is unable to get to know or perhaps painful and sensitive towards state, likely be operational because of their aware repression from things negative. Like, throughout Technoblade’s delivery, he fixated toward “Friend”, incapable of understand the negative occurrences that were happening up to your. Because of his forced purity and you can active thoughts repression, Ghostbur would be with ease controlled, never immediately after doubt people’s terms and conditions much more than what it looked to go on the outside height. This can be seen particularly in the newest failed beach team experiences, when Dream grabbed advantage of so it – he didn’t immediately following believe you to definitely Fantasy might be seeking to push your out of the way to spoil Tommy.

Ghostbur employed his old attraction having tricks and you may pranks, in which he enjoyed messing with his nearest and dearest from inside the absolutely nothing ways – usually by heading hidden and you will punching her or him, otherwise from the establishing menacing signs up to her or him. The guy along with displayed a special attraction for strengthening, and come up with different structures doing The L’Manberg. He afterwards lamented its depletion.

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